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You don’t want another reason to lock yourself away

As we approach summer, assuming we actually have the weather in the coming months to qualify as a summer, there’s a problem which rears it’s head for many people. Cold sores, whilst not posing a major health risk, leave many people afraid to socialise, we all remember the motorcycle helmet advert of a major cold sore cream brand. For sufferers they’re really common in summer because UV rays don’t just damage your skin but also trigger them. At London Holistic Dental Centre we hae a treatment which can keep them at bay for some years.

The treatment we carry out uses something he called a ‘Diode Laser’, and we use it when you first feel the tingle, before the sore actually erupts. It’s vital we do it at this stage, as it’s too late when it has broken through the skin. The treatment isn’t painful, the laser we use feels like a heat on your lip, almost like holding a cup of tea up to it. It’s also incredibly quick and is done in one appointment.

Some patients who we have treated as long as five years ago still haven’t had a recurrence. From time to time you will still feel the tingle but the laser prevents the cold sore actually forming.

In a year where most of us have been isolated or having few social interactions, don’t let a cold sore be a reason to avoid the world for a few days. If you’d like to know more about what the treatment entails give Laune a call and she’ll be happy to explain it in more detail.