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Teeth Bonding.

Composite resin can be used to repair a fractured tooth in one visit, or used to reduce spacing and restore balance and harmony. If all that is needed is a subtle enhancement or a repair to a damaged area then composite bonding may be the answer

State of the art dental materials and adhesives together with the training, skill and artistry of the cosmetic dentists at London Holistic Dental Centre allow some truly astounding results in a single visit! Even better is that often no anaesthetic is needed – you leave the practice with a beautiful smile and no numb lips.

Bonding - Before

Bonding - After

Bonding involves “gluing” tooth coloured resin onto teeth – this can replace a broken or decayed area, close spacing, reshape a tooth. If the remaining tooth is healthy then often no further drilling is needed! The resin is added to replace the missing piece, restoring a beautiful smile and sealing and protecting the remaining tooth.

Sometimes known as “Sticky dentistry” or “Adhesive dentistry” bonding produces results that are are strong and beautiful, blending perfectly with the natural tooth – only you and your dentist will know!

Bonding is particularly suitable for younger patients especially those who are still growing as the resin can be adjusted and added to over time to maintain appearance until a more durable material such as porcelain can be considered.

Bonding - Before

Bonding - After

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