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Digital Dentistry

We are always investing in the practice to help us achieve the highest standards of dentistry and also ensure the most pleasant experience each time you visit.

Some of you may have seen the iTero scanner at recent appointments. We use it to scan your mouth and produce a 3D image of it, which means it’s great for:

  • Showing how Invisalign will improve your smile
  • Removing the need to create impressions using trays for treatments like crowns or onlays
  • Producing outstanding and perfect, which can be used in manufacturing veneers and implants

As we use this technology daily, we sometimes take it for granted and forget how far dentistry has advanced. The scanner has proved particularly useful for patients with a strong gag reflex, as sometimes the material used for moulds could cause discomfort.

Dentistry for the 21st Cenury

Of course, as we mentioned above, the iTero has proven to be one of the most powerful tools when carrying out Invisalign planning. It saves us time and improves efficiency, whilst also giving you a true idea of what the results will be. You can see the iTero in action during an Invisalign consultation, in the video below.

If you would like any more details on replacing crowns which are old or perhaps damaged or wish to discuss achieving a straighter smile using Invisalign, simply call us for more details.

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