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Predictable results demand meticulous diagnosis and planning. The more information we gather about  you … your teeth and mouth obviously but also about your lifestyle and general health, about your previous experiences…the better we can design your journey to future dental health.

A consultation at London Holistic Dental Centre allows us to gather and record all this information and in our quest to provide the best available treatment we have invested in the most advanced diagnostic systems.

Digital x-rays –  Instant magnified images, reduced radiation exposure so you are safer, can be copied and viewed on any computer, easy to share and send for opinions.

Cariescan– Allows us to detect decay before it can be seen on the surface which allows us to treat it before the hole appears! A cavity caught this early often needs no drilling! So usually no injection either.

Air Abrasion – A stream of tiny particles in an airstream can be used to gently clean suspect areas of tooth, this allows us a better look without needing to use a drill or any injections.

ULF Tens – This clever instrument relaxes your jaw muscles using gentle electrical pulses. When the muscles are relaxed your lower jaw assumes it’s natural position; with no tension or strains – This is the starting point for any major treatment or to assess and treat clenching and grinding habits.

K7 – Computerised jaw tracking and muscle scanner. This state of the art device allows us to measure and study the pattern of the jaw opening and closing in function. Electromyography (EMG) tests provide information on the activity of key muscles that control the jaw during various functions as well as at rest. Sonography is a way to assess the status of the articular disc and joint. This information is used in assisting the diagnosis and to help determine the precise point at which your jaw should be in relation to your upper teeth. From this we can monitor and record healing progress with accuracy not previously possible.

To all the technical information we add the most vital part; how you want your treatment to be, your worries, needs and desires, from which we can plan and deliver the outcome you want and deserve.

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