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Kids Smile Club.

At the end of 2017 we saw, for the second time in recent years, a spate of articles with headlines delivering the positively depressing news that, in England, twice as many children under the age of 10 receive hospital treatment for tooth decay as those treated for broken arms. We will not dwell on the content of the articles too much, it’s better to post one directly. Click here to read a report from The Guardian which covers the statistics in all their shocking detail.

We feel so passionately about the dental health of children, and the fact that a healthy smile for life begins in childhood, that we are launching our Kids Smile Club.

We are currently filming a range of videos and putting together information sheets on topics including the importance of growth and development, brushing techniques and healthy eating.

We will be posting the videos on our Facebook and Instagram accounts and we are soon launching a dedicated parents and kids section on this website.


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