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Many dental health problems can be reduced or eliminated entirely by a managed preventative approach. The core of this is a personalized hygiene program, developed and tailored to individual needs and circumstances and includes cleaning, homecare and dietary advice.

Professional cleaning helps your mouth look and feel at its best, keeps your breath fresh and helps you maximize one of your best assets, your smile.

Prevention is not just about your teeth. Medical studies have shown gum disease to be a risk factor in heart disease and stroke so taking care of your gum health may mean you live longer!

During pregnancy gum disease has been shown to increase the risk of complications and is a common factor found in low birth weight and premature babies.

Similarly altered breathing patterns when sleeping known as Sleep disordered breathing (SDB) has been shown to have profound negative effects on general health and quality of life. Ranging from simple snoring to Obstructive sleep apnea, where sufferers actually stop breathing , SDB needs to be identified and treated to prevent potentially serious health problems developing. As dentists we are ideally placed to recognize risk factors and advise on possible solutions.

Early diagnosis enables us to address the cause of any problems and act promptly, often using simple techniques. This reduces the possibility of further trouble and invasive or expensive procedures.

In the growing child early recognition of potential problems with dental development allows us to provide options which can guide growth and encourage a healthy oral environment so reducing the need for complex future orthodontic treatments and possible loss of teeth to correct crowding.

Once a problem has been identified our view is that we should try to treat it definitively and work to prevent recurrence, commonly dental treatment is done tooth by tooth as problems occur, this can lead to a steady progression of gradual breakdown of dental structures. By looking at the whole mouth and working to resolve any underlying problems a more stable, durable and healthier result is possible.

Regular dental examinations, screenings, and patient education consultations allows us to preserve our patients’ teeth, gums and general health optimally.

We like to think of ourselves as Doctors of the mouth, treating the whole, not just areas in isolation.

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