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What is Air Polishing

What is Air Polishing?

Air Polishing is a treatment carried out at London Holistic Dental Centre by both of our Hygienists, Annette and Maryam. It uses a combination of air and water pressure to deliver a steady stream of fine powder onto your tooth surface. The abrasive effect of this powder removes stains and plaque from the tooth surface making your smile brighter and healthier.

Does it work?

Yes, it works very well and yet is fast and painless.

Will I notice the effects?

The vast majority of our patients notice quite dramatic results as it can large amounts of the staining caused by drinking tea, coffee or red wine. We have even had smokers notice a dramatic brightening of their teeth after having the treatment.

Is Air Polishing better than teeth whitening?

Air polishing is much gentler than teeth whitening, as it doesn’t require the use of peroxide and if your staining is light it may prevent you having to undergo a whitening treatment. If you have heavier staining then you may need to follow-up with a course of whitening treatment.

What are the health benefits?

Air Polishing removes dental plaque from the teeth and gums and could therefore help prevent gingivitis and periodontal disease.

How much will this treatment cost?
This treatment is included withing your regualar hygiene appointment at no extra cost.

What should I do next?

Book an appointment with Annette or Maryam for a thorough cleaning of your teeth to experience the power of Air Polishing.

Click here to view our video of Annette Kreis explains Air Polishing