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What Does London Holistic Dental Centre Mean?

Welcome to another one of our ‘Frequently Asked Question’ blogs including a video explanation. This time we ask David Cook, Principal Dentist of London Holistic Dental Centre, exactly what the practice name means.

Here at the practice we are often asked what the practice name really means and how this impacts on our treatment of patients.

Holistic essentially means looking at the whole person. We don’t just see people as teeth and gums but we look at their entire state of health as a whole. For example we look at a patient’s structural issues, their skeleton, their head, their neck and even postural issues. Very often posture can affect someone’s bite. There are also systemic diseases such as diabetes that can also affect dental health.

Likewise, we also look at how for example periodontal disease could affect their general health. We try putting it all together to give patients an idea of their general health status.

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