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Adult Orthodontics

Welcome to another one of our ‘Frequently Asked Question’ blogs including a video explanation. This time we’re discussing Adult Orthodontics.

Fix the teeth you are unhappy with

Adult orthodontics have become more and more popular in recent years as general cosmetic dentistry has gained popularity. People realise they no longer have to put up with teeth which they are unhappy with not being properly aligned or looking crooked.

At London Holistic Dental Centre we offer a range of treatments including lingual braces and clear aligners. Modern orthodontics using very light forces and low friction appliances allows fast results, fewer visits and by encouraging the jaws to grow to their full potential dramatically fewer extractions are needed to achieve superb results.

Obviously if you have a lifestyle where treatment discretion is of the utmost importance we will bear this in mind when recommending treatment. The best way to know the correct solution for you is to carry out a full mouth orthodontic assessment where we will present you with a fully detailed treatment plan.

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