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Bad Breath

Do you worry about bad breath or have a persistent bad taste in your mouth? Most problems with bad breath originate in the mouth and are caused by bacteria living around the teeth, gums and tongue. Sometimes the nose is involved but it is only very rarely that it is related to a digestion / stomach problem.

To find out if you have a problem the most reliable way is to ask someone close whom you trust, if this is not possible a good self test is to lick the back of your hand (use the main part of the tongue, not the tip) let it dry for a minute or two then smell your hand.

What can we do?
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[li]Brush your teeth and gums properly and floss or otherwise clean between your teeth[/li]
[li]Clean your tongue using a toothbrush or scraper as far back as you can[/li]
[li]Drink plenty of liquid preferably fresh water[/li]
[li]Visit your dentist and hygienist regularly and have your teeth cleaned[/li]
[li]Try not to drink too much coffee[/li]
[li]Do not smoke[/li]