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Bite Problems

Problems with the bite are surprisingly common. Data shows that up to 65% of the adult population in the UK have some symptoms… they are often triggered or aggravated by stress.

How the teeth “fit” or bite together is very important for comfort and health, a bite which is in conflict can manifest itself in many ways… sometimes within the mouth, for example teeth or fillings breaking, tooth sensitivity, gum recession. But also outside the mouth, such as headaches and neck pain, noise in the jaw joints often with pain or stiffness, tinnitus, poor sleep, tingling in fingertips, dizziness and postural problems.

Left untreated the symptoms can increase and become quite damaging and debilitating.

What can we do?
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[li]Analyze how your teeth and jaws feel, are they truly comfortable?[/li]
[li]Visit your dentist and have a full examination of your teeth, joints and muscles[/li]
[li]Have bite problems corrected early when possible to prevent further damage[/li]
[li]De-stress as much as possible- exercise, massage, meditation… whatever works for you[/li]
[li]Treatment may be needed and can be very effective but all methods require time and a degree of effort at home to succeed[/li]