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What Our Customers Say

My partner and I love visiting the London Holistic Dental Centre and consider David to be a consummate professional with outstanding interpersonal skills and brilliant dentistry. He is supported by a friendly, well chosen team within the practice.

You expect to pay more for top quality!
Dear David and team,

Just a short note to say how delighted I am with the dentistry I have had. I am so pleased with the final results of the invisalign treatment and would have had it done sooner had I realized how straightforward it would be. It is now a pleasure coming to the dentist and my beautiful new smile attracts many compliments. Thank you.
My visits to the dentist have become something to look forward to! Any treatment is completely painless and the confidence created by the depth of knowledge and experience of the team is wonderful.

I cannot recommend them highly enough.
Wonderful care, wonderful results. Absolutely delighted!
Hi, just wanted to say a big thanks for such kind care and attention. My new teeth make such a difference to my appearance, I really love them?
Dear David,

I just wished to say how much I appreciate your care. Over many years you have looked after my mouth with diligence and notable attention to detail. I am particularly impressed by how much time you spend keeping up to date and being able to offer us the very best, advanced treatment.
Dear David,

Thanks so much for looking after Erica, your gentle, calm approach gave her confidence with the braces and she is delighted with her beautiful straight teeth. Now we know the wonders of Damon braces we are both thinking about having treatment too!
I would like to thank you very much for the excellent job you have done on my teeth. 4 years ago I was ashamed of how they looked and had much neck, face and back pain. Unfortunately I went to another practice and had a total nightmare! The teeth hurt, the bite was off, I was struggling. Desperate to find a solution I flew to USA and saw renowned dentist Dr Mike Miyasaki at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dentistry. He recommended you as the person to fix things in London, how right he was! We decide to redo everything and now I have the perfect look, the perfect bite and no more pain!
Dear David,

I would like to thank you for the huge difference you have made to my teeth, bite and self-esteem. I was initially extremely nervous but your patience and professionalism helped me to approach my treatment with confidence.

I am absolutely delighted with the final result and feel you achieved something I never thought possible.
Dear David,

At the conclusion of our 14 month neuromuscular dental project I want to extend my wholehearted thank you for your wonderful care. I am thrilled with the end product and have nothing but praise for your expertise and the thoughtful, considerate way you carried out my work, kept me informed and managed my expectations along the way.

I could not have been better looked after and would recommend you and your able team to anyone needing similar work….first of all my husband!
David has been my dentist for over ten years now. Due to hitting a certain age and poor dentistry my teeth started to break. To say this is scary is a massive understatement. Initially I was horrified by David’s assessment and the scope of the work required. His confidence and calm together with much time discussing my concerns saw me have the work. Many years later it’s very rare that I need anything done, David took time to treat the cause of the problems and didn’t just “path me up” and now I feel it is the best investment I have ever made!

He also has a magical technique with injections – I have never realized that I have had one until the spreading numbness appears. At first I didn’t believe he had used a needle!