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Now may be the perfect time to get the straighter smile you’ve always wanted

Whilst lockdown has been frustrating for us all, we have been amazed at some of the online videos of people gaining new skills or making positive life changes. Some have been learning how to play an instrument, some have gone on health kicks and seen amazing results and for other people it’s been learning new recipes (I’m sure we’ve all tried banana bread at this stage).

We are increasingly being asked by our adult patients about how they can straighten their teeth. Is this a result of people being ‘on screen’ more than they were? Did you know that David offers Invisalign® at the practice, which offers a discreet and fast solution for gently straightening teeth?

The link between both points raised above is that we now have a planned route out of Covid-19 (assuming all targets are met) which should see us return to some form of normality in the coming months. For any patient who has requested information in the past regarding straighter teeth, or if it’s something you’ve just decided over lockdown, there has never been a better time to have Invisalign. Whilst it is discreet and shows fast results, it still may be something which, in the past, you’ve decided not to go ahead with if it didn’t fit around your work or lifestyle.   So, with working from home potentially coming to an end soon, now may prove to be the perfect time.

The easing of lockdown will mean a significant increase in the number of photos being taken and social events and celebrations to attend, so you want to look your best!  If you want to be able to smile with confidence, then call and talk to us about Invisalign® and book a consultation where David can show you a 3D generated image of how your teeth will look at every stage along the treatment.

He will discuss the projected results and tell you how long it will take for you to have the smile you’ve always desired.