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The iTero scanner at London Holistic Dental Centre

We are always investing in the practice to help us achieve the highest standards of dentistry and also ensure the most pleasant experience each time you visit. Many of you will have seen the iTero scanner at recent appointments, and we have featured videos about how we use it to scan your mouth and show how Invisalign will improve your smile. However, did you know this is only one of the uses for it?

We recently had a patient attend the practice who required a crown and hadn’t had one fitted in many years. He assumed it would be carried out in the same way, by taking an impression (or mould as its sometimes referred) using trays and sending it to the laboratory. It was actually wonderful to see the surprise on his face when we carried out a scan and sent the image for the crown to be produced. As we use this technology daily, we sometimes take it for granted and forget how far dentistry has advanced. The scanner has proved particularly useful for patients with a weak gag reflex, as sometimes the material used for moulds could cause discomfort.

Of course, as we mentioned at the start of this article, the iTero has proven to be one of the most powerful tools when carrying out Invisalign planning. It saves us time and improves efficiency, whilst also giving you a true idea of what the results will be.

If you would like any more details on replacing crowns which are old or perhaps damaged, or wish for further information on having a straighter smile using Invisalign, simply call Laune for more details.