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An update on our re-opening

I hope everyone is safe and well. Thank you for understanding and for all your kind messages over this difficult period, it is much appreciated.

As you will probably be aware last week the government announced that dental practices will be able to reopen for emergency appointments from Monday 8th June. Whilst you will notice significant changes within the practice there are many things which remain unchanged, namely that the health and safety of our patients and the team are paramount. We have always had stringent hygiene and decontamination procedures in place, and these have been modified to mitigate the risk posed by Covid-19.

We will of course have to wear additional PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), which I have been sourcing for weeks and which I have in place. Appointments will also take longer, which combined with increased decontamination time will unfortunately mean that fewer are available. Some treatments may also not be available initially

Maryam and Annette will not be returning for a few weeks, until we have seen all of our  emergency, urgent and pain patients and allowed our new systems to bed in properly. We will be operating staggered appointments to comply with social distancing.

I have been planning for our reopening from the very day we had to close and taken every precaution available to secure your health.  I appreciate that for the foreseeable future things will be different but let me reassure you that it will still be very much the same faces under PPE and I am genuinely looking forward to seeing my patients. As always Laune is on the other end of the telephone ready to answer any questions, offer advice and book your appointment.

I look forward to meeting again soon.

Warm regards