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Updating my skills and knowledge – Dr David Cook

One of the things which is most important to me is regularly updating my knowledge and skills to offer the highest standards of preventive and cosmetic dentistry.

At the end of last month, I travelled to the USA to get the latest advanced information at the world’s premier Postgraduate training facility, The Las Vegas Institute. Following a 10-hour flight (and an 8-hour time change!) I had one day for recovery and then was straight into an intensive 3-day course. The hours were long and there was a huge amount of information to retain, at times it felt like my head would burst!

The course was followed by a 3-day international conference, The International Association of Physiological Aesthetics (IAPA) annual meeting. This event had an intense program and provided an opportunity to re-connect with many overseas colleagues. It truly was motivational to share thoughts and idea with motivated, caring clinicians who have great minds and are pushing boundaries and developing positive science and change.

There were attendees from all parts of the world but sadly only one other European (Charles Smith who practises in Germany). I sometimes feel like our corner of the Globe is standing outside without investing in progress.

All in all, it was a great (if tiring) trip – and no, regardless of what Laune might think there were no casinos, no shows and no parties.

The only problem is now I know how much I don’t know! The learning never ends, when it does it will be time to retire!

I have more study trips planned for next year……my air miles will be adding up.