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This is not a Black Friday offer!

At London Holistic Dental Centre we are always trying to find new ways to help you improve your dental health.

So when Philips recently offered us a discount on their wonderful Sonicare Series 3 we got to thinking how we could use this offer to truly improve dental hygiene for all of our patients.

There are three steps to good oral health:
1. Brush twice daily and maintain a good diet
2. Have regular dental health checks to prevent problems before they occur
3. Regularly visit the Hygienist to remove any plaque and calculus which can cause gum disease

These three steps, and the Sonicare Series 3, made us realise that ‘3 is key’.

LHDC £210 Sonicare offer

So, if you book (and pay for) a set of three hygiene appointments which can be carried out at any stage in the next 18 months we will give you a FREE Philips Sonicare Series 3.

This ‘Not Black Friday’ offer lasts until December 23rd, for more details please call Laune on 020 7487 5221.