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Tooth decay

Tooth decay is a disease, the most common disease in the world! It affects nearly everyone, causing pain and destroying smiles. But it can be beaten!

It is caused by bacteria living on our teeth, these bacteria need food and the best food for them is sugar. When they consume this sugar the waste they produce contains various acids and it is this acidic waste which eats into and dissolves the surface of the tooth, a hole develops and the process gets faster and faster!
What can we do?
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[li]Put the bacteria on a diet by limiting sugar intake, this should be both in amount and frequency. Remember that many foods contain hidden sugar so try to avoid snacks unless you know what they contain.[/li]
[li]Clean our teeth well and regularly (after every meal if possible).[/li]
[li]Use sugar free gum; this stimulates saliva which protects our teeth.[/li]
[li]Have our teeth checked regularly and deal with any problems as soon as possible.[/li]